Delivering world-class specialist care at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

The Royal Adelaide Hospital is twice recognised among the World’s Best Specialised Hospitals for 2024.

RAH Orthopaedics rated at 36th in the world in 2024, up from 38 in 2023. Learn more about how RAH Orthopaedics is working to improving hip replacements in this Translating Research episode with Dr Stuart Callary.

RAH Endocrinology placed at 119th in the world in 2024, up from 135 in 2023. Learn more about RAH Endocrinology in this Ask The Expert episode featuring men’s health expert Dr Andrew Peel.

Partnering with respected global research firm Statista, Newsweek’s published rankings feature the world’s top hospitals across a range of specialities. The rankings are in their fifth edition.

These rankings are determined by more than 40,000 medical professionals who participate in online surveys to recommend and assess various hospitals within their specialisations.

Photo by Nani Chavez on Unsplash