Equity and inclusion

Equity and inclusion for our community and workforce is vital in order for us to deliver on our ambitions and achieve our world-class aspiration.

We have a number of plans that provide guidance and specific actions in line with our organisational values.

  • Reconciliation Action Plan outlines our commitment and actions towards Reconciliation. Our RAP helps us to foster new relationships, strengthen existing partnerships with all of our stakeholders and ensure tangible actions are taken to support better economic, social, health and wellbeing outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • Disability Access and Inclusion Plan describes what we will do to ensure that people living with disability have the same opportunities as others to access and be included in quality services, events, information, buildings and facilities, consultation, complaints processes and employment. It reflects our network’s continued commitment to upholding the rights of people living with disability to access quality health care.
  • Workplace Equality and Respect Action Plan aims to improve workplace gender equality, workplace culture and the capacity for agencies to respond to violence against women. Central Adelaide LHN has a White Ribbon Australia accreditation and is committed to strengthening gender equality, safety and respect in the workplace.

Central Adelaide LHN acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands on which its sites are located. We respect their spiritual relationship with their country and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to living Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today.

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