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The relationship we have with general practitioners (GPs) within in our community is pivotal in enhancing continuity of care for our patients. Within CALHN we have a number of initiatives and programs that help build links and connect our GP community with our services and our staff.

We are developing better communications between general practices and hospital systems, building bridges and helping GPs understand how to navigate our system. We are also advising our own clinicians on how things work out in general practice so we can work together in a more streamlined and effective way. Only by working closely with our GP colleagues will we have the opportunity to learn from each other, and improve outcomes for patients. Find out more about our GP initiatives below.

General Practice Liaison Unit

Our General Practice Liaison Unit (GPLU) was established in collaboration with the Adelaide PHN to improve patient care by facilitating and strengthening collaboration, communication and integration between general practices and the Central Adelaide LHN.

The GPLU actively supports the streamlining of clinical information systems and advocates for ongoing integration between primary health and out-of-hospital services.

The unit can provide a direct clinical contact point for advice and assistance to navigate the Royal Adelaide Hospital and links directly with the hospital’s medical teams.

This dedicated service is for general practitioners and their staff and is not intended for patients.

GP’s can contact the unit to assist with urgent requests for medical information to assist in coordinating community based patient care and promote hospital avoidance pathways. 

Contact the General Practice Liaison Unit
Our GPL Nurse is available Monday to Friday, between 8am and 4pm.
To contact them
Phone 7074 1341 or 0411 321 894

Our GP Officer
CALHN GP Officer Dr Jackie Yeoh is available Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays to support GPs with advice and education and to help guide GP’s working with CALHN. Jackie can be contacted on 0466 834 765 or via email at


The GP CALHN Link is our regular newsletter that has been developed to help provide GPs with the latest information and news about our services, and the world-class research taking place within our network.

GP CALHN Link will help keep you informed and provide you with insights into how we can work together to improve the health outcomes of patients.

General Practitioners and other general practice staff are invited to subscribe to the GP CALHN Link please click here.

GP Link Newsletters
15 Oct 20 – Issue 1 | Welcome to the GP CALHN Link: Re-designing outpatient services | Getting patients “Pre-hab” ready | More!
17 Dec 20 – Issue 2 | Effective referral letters | Meet the GPLU | Tell us what you think | More! 
24 May 21 – Issue 3 | Hospital Avoidance pathways and more!



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