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Our community comprises of around 464,692 people, or 26.8% of South Australia’s overall population

Not only are we are the most densely populated local health network, with around 1,730 people per square kilometre we also have an extremely diverse community in terms of their personal circumstance.

While, not everyone in our community is an active consumer (or user) of our services, we encourage those with recent lived experience to consider nominating to join our consumer group.

Partnering with our consumers
Our consumers have different needs, backgrounds, abilities and expectations. We want our programs and services to be relevant and meet the needs of our consumers and their families, carers and community members as best they can.

We believe people have a right to participate in their own health care, contribute to the design of services, and be part of the evaluation of services because it leads to better experiences and outcomes for the community.

As a network we are continually striving to deliver world-class care and we know this is best achieved through the meaningful involvement of our consumers in health policy and planning.

To find out how you can participate in in our consumer partnering initiatives or to provide feedback on your experience with our services, contact our consumer adviser service.

For more information
Telephone: (08) 7074 1377


Central Adelaide LHN acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands on which its sites are located. We respect their spiritual relationship with their country and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to living Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today.

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