Beating the ‘silent killer’

Research Pulse podcast: Episode 14

In this episode, we discuss work towards overcoming resistance to ovarian cancer treatment.

Our guest is Dr Melissa Pitman, ovarian cancer researcher at the Centre for Cancer Biology.

We learn about:

  • why ovarian cancer is known as the ‘silent killer’
  • why chemotherapy resistance is a major problem when treating ovarian cancer
  • how Dr Pitman is using lab models to understand why some cancers become resistant and how they can be re-sensitised to treatment

About the research

Dr Melissa Pitman is the head the Ovarian Cancer and Drug Discovery Laboratory at the University of Adelaide. Dr Pitman works with the Molecular Therapeutics Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology/SA Pathology and Reproductive Cancer Research Group at the University of Adelaide. Dr Pitman’s work is focussed on the identification and testing of novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of ovarian cancer, with a major focus on the development and use of preclinical models of this disease.

If you’re interested in discussing working with Dr Pitman, you can email her here.



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