Helping patients thrive, not just survive: personal connection drives excellence in scientific research

In this episode of the Our People podcast, we speak to Alia Cibich, who is the Clinical Data Manager at the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, a statewide service delivered by the Central Adelaide Local Health Network.

Each year around 50 South Australians will receive a stem cell transplant, (also referred to as a bone marrow transplant) to help treat many serious blood diseases, including cancer. A poorly-understood area of clinical care is the development new cancers in patients who have previously had a blood cancer, and been treated through a stem cell transplant. 

Alia has been awarded a Dawes Scholarship provided by CALHN to support a PhD research project investigating the development of new cancers in patients who have previously had a blood cancer and received a stem cell transplant. This research aims to find out how many patients are affected, what drives the cancer occurrence and to develop a treatment guideline for clinicians to best manage this complication. 

Alia’s current role at CALHN sees her manages SA’s clinical database of bone marrow recipients with over 2000 patients spanning more than 40 years. She will maintain the role on a part-time basis during her PhD.

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