Fellowship boosts clinical and research expertise in male health

A clinical training program has been established in the Central Adelaide Local Health Network to boost male health expertise in South Australia. 

Dr Andrew Peel is undertaking the inaugural Bellberry Clinical Training Fellowship in Male Health, based in the Endocrinology unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). 

A holistic approach to male health

Sex and gender have a specific influence on the prevalence, presentation, treatment, and outcomes of various conditions. 

The 12-month training program offers an opportunity for health care professionals to undertake research and clinical practice that addresses the specific health needs of men. 

“Men have a broad range of health needs that transcend the boundaries of our current subspecialties,” says Professor Wittert, Senior Consultant Endocrinologist at the RAH and Director of the Freemasons Centre for Male Health and Wellbeing. 

The interaction between different chronic disorders such as obesity, sleep apnoea, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression intersect with disorders of reproductive, sexual, and lower urinary tract function in men may fall in the gaps between medical specialties.  

“Examples include the complex health needs of men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, and sexual or lower urinary tract dysfunction in men with other complex health conditions”. 

What’s on in men’s health

To promote men’s health awareness, the Freemasons Centre for Male Health & Wellbeing (FCMHW) are supporting two upcoming community events: 

The Bellberry Clinical Training Fellowship in Male Health is being primarily funded by Bellberry Ltd, with additional funding from Healthy Male (Andrology Australia) and the Freemasons Centre for Male Health & Wellbeing. 

Pictured: Dr Andrew Peel MBBS, Royal Adelaide Hospital, CALHN