CALHN’s award-winning NDIS Assessment team

CALHN has become a leader in Allied Health NDIS Assessment processes with several Local Health Networks looking to replicate our dedicated in-house NDIS Assessment Team model.

In November 2019, CALHN’s OT Director Tracey Kroon and Psychology Directors Kathryn Collins & Anne Burke established a dedicated in-house NDIS Assessment Team to provide the essential Psychology and Occupational Therapy assessments, prescriptions and recommendations required to provide optimum patient care and facilitate NDIS patient flow.

A particular strength of the initiative is the recruitment of highly specialised Allied Health staff with varying backgrounds to meet patients’ needs, for example, those skilled in complex equipment, mental health, behavioural support, and functional assessment. Due to its dedicated nature, the Team has developed its processes and templates during the 12-month pilot, creating further efficiencies and learning opportunities for CALHN as a whole.

“The availability of this specialist skillset within the acute sector has complemented existing CALHN disability staff in upskilling acute staff around NDIS processes and developing relationships with community NDIS providers. The development of these positive working relationships, in addition to receipt of NDIS plans reflective of the high care needs of this cohort, has enabled provision of the appropriate, person-centred care required to discharge our patients and reduce their frequency of representation to ED.” – Kathryn Wentzel, Senior OT, NDIS Assessment Team.

Positive results

The results achieved by the NDIS specialist team have been overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating efficiencies, savings, improved patient flow and positive outcomes for NDIS participants. Opportunities have also presented to extend this model into areas such as Mental Health and Sub-acute settings to achieve additional efficiencies and savings.

Since the NDIS Assessment Team was established, 123 referrals have been received and 92 (75%) patients seen. Outcomes at 12 month post-implementation were impressive and included: a 44 day reduction in the average LOS for NDIS patients; 116 day reduction in the average LOS for complex NDIS patients; and significant reduction in CALHN expenditure.

World-class care

In celebration of World-Class Care Day, the recipients of our inaugural Quality & Improvement Awards were announced on 26 March 2021. Congratulations to the NDIS Assessment Team on the success of their project, ‘Dedicated in-house NDIS Allied Health Assessment Team’, which won an award in the Integrated Health Care category.