Sip til Send comes to the RAH

The Royal Adelaide Hospital is the first hospital in SA, and so far, one of only a handful in Australia, to introduce Sip til Send.

With Sip til Send, patients can continue to sip clear fluids until they are sent to the theatre.

Previously, no fluids of any type were allowed within two hours of the scheduled time for surgery.

It is far safer for patients to consume a small amount of liquid before surgery than risk harm caused by prolonged fasting.

Sip til Send has proven not only to be safer, and to put patients at greater ease before surgery, but also to aid patient recovery, with increased hydration improving wellbeing and reducing postoperative complications.

A working party of anaesthetists, nurses, dietitians, physicians and consumer representatives at the RAH has worked collaboratively to ensure the safe and successful introduction of this initiative.

CALHN chief executive Professor Lesley Dwyer said the move was in patients’ interests.

“We look forward to implementing this initiative at the RAH,” Prof Dwyer said.

The adoption of Sip til Send is also being considered by more than one hundred other hospitals and networks around the world.

Photo caption: Kristian, Dr Stephanie and patient Jean.