Care packs supporting vulnerable women

Clothing care packs are being provided to women in crisis who present to the Royal Adelaide Hospital emergency department, thanks to a partnership the Betty Cares Foundation.

The initial trial is a first for a South Australian hospital and is aimed at supporting women who may be experiencing domestic violence, mental health, sexual assault, homelessness or addiction.

“Sadly this is something we see in the emergency department, so this initiative is a way to do something kind for women who are vulnerable,” Clinical Practice Director for Acute and Urgent Care, Madeleine Baillie, said.

“Women in crisis don’t necessarily have family or friends to bring in fresh clothes.

“By giving someone brand new quality clothing to keep, it’s a way of helping give their dignity back.

“We are always looking at ways to help and be kind, and we recognise that a hospital can be a confronting place.”

The packs are made up of a canvas drawstring bag with a comfortable top, pants and a cardigan.

They’ve been provided by the Betty Cares Foundation; a non for profit organisation developed by Melbourne clothing brand, Sass Clothing.

Care packs are provided to hospitals around Australia and New Zealand for vulnerable women.

The packs will initially be trialled in ED at the RAH.

Pictured are ED nurses Janice Elliott and Madi Staley with Clinical Practice Director for Acute and Urgent Care, Madeleine Baillie.