Rheumatology with Professor Catherine Hill

 Video series: Ask the Expert

In this episode we ask, rheumatologist and researcher, Professor Catherine Hill, common questions about rheumatology and polymyalgia rheumatica.

We learn about:

  • what a rheumatologist is
  • what polymyalgia rheumatica is
  • standard treatment for polymyalgia rheumatica
  • new treatments on the horizon

Do you have polymyalgia rheumatica and would like to participate in a research study on methotrexate for polymyalgia rheumatica?

Contact the Rheumatology Research Group on 82227369 or by email: Kate.Dyer@sa.gov.au


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    About the researcher

    Professor Catherine Hill is a consultant rheumatologist at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) and the Royal Adelaide Hospital. She is Lead Researcher of the Rheumatology Research Group within the Basil Hetzel Institute, TQEH.

    Professor Hill is also a medical advisor for Arthritis SA a consumer organisation for people with arthritis.