How to avoid becoming frail with Professor Renuka Visvanathan

Video series: Ask the Expert

Frailty is a combination of physical and cognitive decline that increases a person’s vulnerability.

But frailty can be avoided, so in this episode we ask geriatrician, Professor Renuka Visvanathan, common questions about how to prevent and manage frailty.

We learn about:

  • what frailty is
  • signs of frailty
  • how to avoid becoming frail with nutrition and exercise

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About the researcher

Renuka Visvanathan is a Professor in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Adelaide and Head of Unit of Geriatric Medicine (Aged and Extended Care Services) at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Professor Visvanathan is a Chief Investigator of the Centre of Research Excellence in Frailty and Healthy Ageing | University of Adelaide.