CALHN staff wear crazy socks for docs

On Friday 5 June 2020 there were crazy socks on the feet (and hands) of staff from across our network in honour of Crazy Socks for Docs Day.

The day was started by Melbourne cardiologist and mental health advocate Dr Geoff Toogood, and is about raising awareness and encouraging conversations around the mental health of doctors and other health professionals, including the associated stigmas.

The socks didn’t just brighten up people’s days, they were also a good starting point for meaningful conversations between colleagues. CALHN acknowledges that we all have a role to play in looking out for each other – we’re in this together to provide the very best care to all that walk through our doors, and that includes ourselves.

Staff were encouraged to have a chat with their colleagues – something incredibly important but especially as we continue with our response to COVID-19.

Thank you to all staff who took the time to don a pair of crazy socks, and raise much needed attention to a cause that is close to all our hearts. Check out the fun video that was put together in honour of the day!