Welcome to RAHsearch 2021  

What’s new in research at the Royal Adelaide Hospital


RAHsearch is back for another year to showcase the ground-breaking research being undertaken across our world-class services.

You are invited to join us hear from some of our most extraordinary researchers as they share ‘what’s new’ in their areas of speciality.

Over three days from Monday 11 October to Wednesday 13 October 2021, we will be sharing our latest research, medical advancements and treatments in some of the most common diseases and conditions.

This year we aim to shine a light on the fundamental link between research and better health outcomes for our community.

RAHsearch will be held at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and streamed live via Facebook. Limited tickets are available to the public and staff to attend the sessions in person.

What’s new in 2021?


Heart disease






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To register to attend a session in person, please click here.

Tickets are limited due to physical distancing requirements. Masks will need to worn by all attendees. Sessions will be held onsite at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The sessions will also be live streamed on our Central Adelaide LHN Facebook page.

Visit the event for each session below to RSVP to receive a link to watch live.


Have a question for our researchers?


RAHsearch provides you with the unique opportunity to ask questions of our world-class researchers.

If you have a question for our researchers, you can either ask them live during the session via Facebook or send an email in advance to HealthCALHNCommunications@sa.gov.au.


RAHsearch program for 2021


Monday 11 October 2021 | 12.10pm to 1.30pm

What’s new in Heart Disease

12.10pm: Welcome – Raymond Spencer, Chair of the CALHN Governing Board

12.15pm: The role of the RAH in the $4B Adelaide Biomed City – Chief Scientist, Professor Caroline McMillen

12.30pm: Atrial Fibrillation – Professor Jeroen Hendriks

12.40pm: Diagnosing Heart Attacks – Dr Cynthia Papendick

12.50pm: Cholesterol in Heart Disease – A/Prof Peter Psaltis

1.00pm: Panel Discussion and Q&A – All speakers


Tuesday 12 October 2021 | 12.30pm to 1.30pm

What’s new in Diabetes

12.30pm: Diabetic Foot Disease – Professor Robert Fitridge

12.40pm: Novel Diabetic Therapies – Professor Christopher Rayner

12.50pm: Pancreatic Islet Transplantation – Professor Toby Coates

1.00pm: Panel Discussion and Q&A – All speakers


Wednesday 13 October 2021 | 12.30pm to 1:45pm

What’s new in Cancer

12.30pm: Prostate Cancer – A/Professor Nicholas Brook

12.40pm: Breast Cancer – Dr Melissa Bochner

12.50pm: Blood Cancer – Dr Cindy Lee

1.00pm: Panel Discussion and Q&A – All speakers

1.30pm: CRIPS Grant Presentations and closing remarks – Lesley Dwyer, Chief Executive Officer, CALHN


Our researchers

We will be sharing more information about our researchers over the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out more.

RAHsearch week 2021 is proudly sponsored by our research partners, The Hospital Research Foundation.


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