RAHsearch 2020

RAHsearch 2020 was an opportunity for the community to engage with medical professionals. 

It provided understanding of the exciting possibilities for better treatments and potential cures, including new therapies for brain and skin cancers, how to keep your gut healthy, the latest on the SA COVID-19 vaccine trials and more.

Event details

When: 12-14 October 2020
Where: Royal Adelaide Hospital
Sponsors: Hospital Research Foundation, RAH Research Fund


In this session, hear from:

  • Dr Lex Leong about the genomic surveillance of the COVID19 virus in South Australia
  • Rebecca Munt, a nurse educators’ perspective and experience of COVID-19 by Rebecca Munt
  • Dr Chuan Lim about the biobank they used to map the immune response to the virus
  • Professor Guy Ludbrook, who concludes with his fascinating account of a public hospital clinical trial unit model used to address new challenges, including COVID-19 vaccination.

The speakers then took part in a Q&A panel.

Treating inflammatory disorders

Professor Susanna Proudman discusses scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that causes narrowing of blood vessels and thickening of the skin with potentially devastating consequences, followed by Dr Pravin Hissaria and concluding with Professor Jane Andrews outlining the cutting-edge work she is doing in the area of inflammatory bowel disorders.

The session ends with an engaging Q&A panel discussion.

Trauma and emergencies

Associate Professor Tim Kleinig presents on the latest RAH research on acute stroke, Professor Brian Freeman speaks about acute spinal cord injury, including the development of a Code Spine Protocol for the treatment of acute spinal cord injuries to preserve neurological function.

Professor Marianne Chapman discusses nutrition in ICU patients, for the session concludes with a Q&A panel.

Treating cancer

View Professor Michael Brown outlining the latest in immune-based cancer therapies and Associate Professor Hien Le speaks about proton therapy, the cutting-edge cancer treatment soon to be available at the Australian Bragg Centre.

Associate Professor Tarik Sammour presents on bowel cancer research, which is estimated to become the second most diagnosed cancer in Australia and is currently the second most common cause of cancer-related deaths, before a Q&A panel discussion.

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