Reassuring mums about pregnancy after kidney transplant

Podcast: Research Pulse, Episode 09.

For some people, parenthood is an important life goal. But for women who have received a kidney transplant, concerns about safety have made planning for parenthood full of uncertainty.

In this episode, we speak to Clinical Associate Professor Shilpa Jesudason about her amazing work uncovering the data that is reassuring patients and clinicians about what to expect from pregnancy after a kidney transplant.

We learn:

  • More women are able to successfully have a baby following kidney transplant
  • After about 20 weeks, there is a very high likelihood of having a successful pregnancy
  • Pregnancy does not appear to have a negative impact on a transplanted kidney

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More about the research

To read the published work mentioned in this episode, follow these links:

Part of this research has been made possible with funding from The Hospital Research Foundation Group.

You can learn more about Shilpa’s research by following Pregnancy and Kidney Research Australia group on Twitter.

About the researcher

Shilpa Jesudason is a Staff Specialist Nephrologist and Chair of the Clinical Research Group at the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s Central Northern Adelaide Renal and Transplant Service (CNARTS) and a Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Adelaide.