Can your neighbourhood change the way you age?

Podcast: Research Pulse, Episode 05.

Can your neighbourhood change the way you age?

In this episode, we discuss how neighbourhood characteristics, such as how much green space there is, can have a significant impact on older people’s ability to age successfully at home.

We speak to Dr Danielle Taylor, Health Geographer and Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

We learn about:

  • what a Health Geographer is
  • the challenge of managing the ageing population
  • the Healthy Ageing/Vulnerable ENvironment (HAVEN) Index
  • predicting death and transition to aged care using the HAVEN Index

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More about the research

Read the published research, and learn more about Dr Taylor’s work mapping frailty in Australia.  


About the researcher

Dr Danielle Taylor is a health geographer and Postdoctoral Research Fellow within Aged & Extended Care Services at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) and Basil Hetzel Institute.

She is part of the Adelaide Geriatrics Training and Research with Aged Care Centre, within the School of Medicine, University of Adelaide. Dr Taylor is also associated with the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence – Frailty & Healthy Ageing

Dr Taylor has been supported by a Mid Career Fellowship from The Hospital Research Foundation Group.