Recoup around the campfire – ED getaway

In the fast paced and high-stakes environment of working in the emergency department – and particular during a pandemic – it’s important that staff take a break and recuperate.

That’s one of the driver’s behind the annual ED men’s 4×4 trip.

It’s an opportunity to get away and explore the state, while also supporting each other and keeping check on each other’s mental health. All in tranquil surrounds around the campfire.

Almost 20 people attended the third trip was to the Bendleby Ranges this month, just after it snowed in the Flinders Ranges. Previous trips have been to the Border Track and Kuitpo forest.

As an organisation, the Central Adelaide Local Health Network aims to create a culture where we support one another and workplace that will enable our employees to thrive, personally and professionally, and ‘to be their best’ at work.

We have all been on high alert to COVID-19 for some time now, so it’s important that we take a break refresh ourselves and support our wellbeing, which we know has a direct correlation with patient safety outcomes.

Photos thanks to Dr Rob Cain and Tom Araki.