First patient to benefit from communication revolution

Patients at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) are set to benefit from a new digital communication platform providing timely and tailored information between patients and clinicians.

RAH Radiation Oncology has partnered with Personify Care to revolutionise patient experience utilising a digital platform for communicating with patients.

This week the team marked a significant milestone, with the first patient to provide informed consent digitally with the Personify Care platform starting their treatment at the RAH.

The new partnership enables the delivery of personalised and accurate patient appointments, digital cancer patient information, an individualised electronic consent process as well as the ability to measure patient experiences for continuous quality improvement.

It’s all about timing and getting things right. So patients are receiving information right when they need to so they’re better prepared for their treatment,” said Dr Charlotte Sale, Director Radiation Therapy.

“We can receive feedback from the patients as well, so the communication goes both ways.”

Viewed as the future of clinical communication, this innovative platform enables planned patient specific information to be delivered to patients in the comfort of their own home via a mobile device. This also results in reduced time spent in the healthcare setting meaning more quality time with their loved ones.

The radiation oncology team hope this innovative solution will revolutionise the way SA Health patients receive information and communicate within healthcare.

Pictured: Radiation oncology staff with Adrian Stevenson, the first patient to provide informed consent digitally with the Personify Care platform.