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O’Brien Street Practice


The O’Brien Street Practice is required to relocate.

This page has been established to provide information about the relocation and will be updated as progress is made on the project.

Patients are encouraged to speak with their regular practitioner for more information during this time or email the practice at

What is happening?

The practice is and will continue to provide services – it is not closing. However, it needs to relocate due to challenges with its current physical location.

There are no plans to reduce the services available for the community. We currently have clinic rooms available at the practice and are committed to proactively looking at ways to encourage practitioners to utilise the site.  An Expression of Interest has recently been distributed  via various stakeholders and media platforms and we will continue to keep you informed of progress as it occurs.

An O’Brien Street Practice relocation planning group has been established to help steer the move. This group includes O’Brien Street patient representatives and the practice’s senior medical practitioner, professional staff, and representatives from government and non-government service providers. This meeting continues to be well attended by members who continue to contribute to this important planning phase.

Where is the practice moving to?

We have been exploring available options in and around the Adelaide central business district. Potential locations have been identified within the CBD with ongoing information being determined to ensure options are fit for purpose and consider the needs of the community received through forums and feedback mechanisms.

No decision has been made yet on a location. An important consideration for any new location will be the continued provision of confidential care for patients. The new premises also needs to support the delivery of contemporary care with access to up-to-date IT systems.

Is my clinician moving too?

Your regular O’Brien Street Practice practitioner will be able to relocate and continue delivering your care.

Before the move, you can speak with your practitioner. When the practice relocates you will be able to, if you wish to, speak with an experienced case coordinator to help you make confidential and informed decisions about your ongoing individual health care needs.

How do I get further information?

Please speak with your usual O’Brien Street Practice healthcare professional who continues to be included in relocation discussions.

For more information email and leave your contact details if you wish to receive a return phone call.

Consumers and stakeholders continue to utilise this feedback and enquiry mechanism and the service remains responsive to all communication.

The project team has also been regularly updating registered consumers and stakeholders with progress on the relocation, with another update due to be released in September 2023.


CALHN held forums for O’Brien Street Practice patients and stakeholders in early September 2022.

Patient forum – 8 September

This forum was an opportunity for patients to share information about the need to relocate the practice, and for those to ask questions, provide feedback and connect with each other.

Topics for discussion included what CALHN needs to think about in relation to the services provided at the O’Brien Street Practice and what a good outcome for the future of the practice would look like.

CALHN also extended an invitation for participants to consider becoming an official CALHN consumer representative to participate on a working group that will be established to oversee the proposed relocation. A summary of the feedback and forum outcomes have been provided to participants.

Stakeholder forum – 13 September

Representatives from organisations which represent those living with HIV, including the LGBTQIA+ community, and government and non-government organisations providing health and social services to this community were invited to attend this forum.

CALHN was appreciative of the collaborative input provided by the stakeholders who attended. A summary of the feedback and outcomes has been provided to the stakeholders and we will continue to liaise closely with them as we determine a new location and implement the relocation process.

O’Brien Street Practice Relocation Group Meeting

The first O’Brien Street Practice relocation planning meeting was held on Wednesday 19 October. This group which includes consumer representatives, government and non-government stakeholders, and practice staff  who continue to be actively involved in relocation discussions and will be asked to endorse the recommended location once one is found.

In conjunction with other planning group members,  a case management transition plan to support O’Brien Street Practice patients during the relocation period has been developed to ensure a robust process and resources are in place to support consumers through a service relocation if required.

Reports and recommendations

O’Brien Street Practice Relocation – Report and recommendations – prepared by Professor Judith Dwyer.

This paper was prepared following an enquiry arising from the need to relocate the O’Brien Street Practice, and uncertainty about the new premises and ongoing services. It presents a summary of the current situation, priorities for the required resolution and recommendations.

About the O’Brien Street Practice

Healthcare professionals at the O’Brien Street Practice provide a range of services, primarily related to sexual health and HIV. The clinic now provides the Monkeypox vaccination to existing patients.

SA Health is working closely with the local community to help combat the global monkeypox outbreak, provide up-to-date information and roll out vaccines to those most at risk.

Services at the O’Brien Street Practice are provided by staff employed directly by Central Adelaide Local Health Network and other independent health professionals.

Central Adelaide LHN acknowledges the Kaurna people as the traditional owners of the lands on which its sites are located. We respect their spiritual relationship with their country and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to living Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today.


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