O’Brien Street Practice patient information

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The below information is for existing O’Brien Street Practice patients.

What is happening?

Services delivered by the O’Brien Street Practice are required to relocate to new premises during the 2022 calendar year. We will ensure that the new location will have up-to-date information technology services, which will improve care and appointment booking processes for our patients.

The new location for service delivery is still being finalised, however please be assured the service is not ceasing operations.

What does the relocation mean for patients?
All regular O’Brien Street Practice practitioners will have the choice to relocate to the new premises and continue delivering patient care. In the event that a practitioner does not wish to relocate, they will work with their patients to ensure continuity of care. Ensuring patient care needs continue to be met throughout the transition is our priority.

In addition to speaking with their usual O’Brien Street Practitioner, all patients will be offered assistance from a panel of experienced and diverse case coordinators to help them make confidential and informed decisions.

Where to go for further information if you are a patient
Please be encouraged to discuss any queries or concerns with your usual O’Brien Street Practice healthcare professional who continues to be included in relocation discussions.

You can also get in touch with us via email ContactObrienServices@sa.gov.au. Please leave your contact details if you wish to receive a return phone call.