Meet Judith, a voice for patients in acute and urgent care

Meet Judith, one of our consumer representatives.

Judith was recovering from breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy in 2021 – during the height of the pandemic – when it was suggested that she become a consumer representative for CALHN.

“It was an outpatients breast nurse who first spoke to me about the role,” Judith said.

“I began as a consumer representative for the surgery program and soon took up an opportunity as a consumer advocate for the Acute and Urgent Care (AUC) program – along the way, finding and following my own passions, which turned out to be the emergency department and health literacy.”

In her role as a consumer advocate, Judith is vital in gathering patient perspectives through face-to-face surveys in emergency departments and AUC wards at CALHN’s acute hospitals. She also actively participates in committee meetings, presenting and discussing gathered information.

When asked about the most rewarding part of her role, Judith responds with a resounding “all of it!”

Her conviction stems from the understanding that as consumer representatives and advocates, they make a tangible difference in shaping healthcare at CALHN. Beyond the professional impact, Judith has found personal fulfilment by forming new connections, expanding her perspectives, and actively engaging in face-to-face exchanges. The gratification also extends to nurse education, where supporting those who care for patients during challenging times holds a special place in her heart.

“Supporting those who support us when we are not well is a very special feeling,” Judith said.

For those considering joining the team, Judith says to go for it!

“Take the time to find out what really interests you and develop relationships with the staff that you work with,” she advises.

“In return you will be given trust and respect to be yourself and make a meaningful contribution.”

Judith’s experience is a great example of how one person can really make a meaningful difference to healthcare, turning recovery into purpose. If you’d like to make a difference to, we’re currently seeking expressions of interest for consumer representatives and consumer advocates in our Acute and Urgent Care unit.

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