Farewell to an experienced cultural leader and educator

This week CALHN is farewelling Herb, one of our valued Aboriginal Health Practitioners.

Herb has worked in Emergency Department at the RAH since 2019 using his Aboriginal cultural and language knowledge to form connections with patients and provide culturally appropriate care – and improve the experience for Aboriginal patients.

He will be missed by staff and patients alike, for both his commitment and his expertise. Herb’s input was instrumental in forming the CALHN Patient Care Guidelines for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff to engage with Aboriginal patients. This included concepts such as effective communication, trust building and holistic care.

Herb has big plans during his retirement, including riding his pushbike on a solo journey around Australia.

The bike is kit with two 45kg satchels, a sleeping bag, tent, and a small trailer to haul extra water as he takes on the 700km stretch between Kurumba to Cairns.

Herb said he can’t wait to get on the road, but the decision to retire is bittersweet, “I will miss all my workmates, the nurses, other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioners, the doctors, and all the other staff members I’ve worked so closely with.”

Herb has worked tirelessly within CALHN to improve patient experience through his personal experience as a respected member of the Aboriginal community, and strong Aboriginal cultural identity.

Congratulations Herb, for providing exceptional care and creating an empowered and engaged workforce through your leadership and knowledge.

Send us a photo of your adventures!