Digital tool to prevent colorectal cancer

GPs are invited to take part in a study to trial a new digital tool designed to prevent colorectal cancer.

RAH gastroenterologist Dr Tsai-Wing Ow is investigating how digital tools and technologies can assist doctors to apply bowel cancer screening and surveillance guidelines to clinical practice.

“The digital tool being trialled will help GPs to determine the correct screening interval for patients with the hope of making it simpler for GPs to interpret the new and complex set of NHMRC guidelines on screening for colorectal cancer in patients,” Dr Ow says.

“Because the study is based in a general practice setting, and it takes into account the needs and constraints of general practices.”

GPs participating in the study will receive education around the new guidelines, an opportunity to work through hypothetical case scenarios and will be able to keep the tool for use with your patients.

If you are a GP and are interested in participating, please email