Be Well Tracker: CALHN staff checks mental wellbeing

Staff across Central Adelaide LHN have been given access to the ‘Be Well Tracker’ – a tool which empowers them with information on their own wellbeing and mental health.

Central Adelaide is the first LHN to partner with the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) Wellbeing and Resilience Centre to support their staff to complete this important 15-minute check in.

The Be Well Tracker provides staff the opportunity to check in on their levels of wellbeing and receive confidential insights into personal mental health such as resilience, mood, stress and anxiety.

Gabby Ramsey, Executive Director, Workforce Management and Reform encouraged staff to spare 15 minutes to check in on their mental health and wellbeing.

“We see every day how complex it can be to help a person with mental health needs, and we know that our healthcare workers are at greater risk of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and psychological burn out,” Gabby said.

“Staff wellbeing is one of our greatest priorities, and we want to ensure that we are doing our best to give our workforce the support and resources they need to manage their ongoing wellbeing.”

“It will also give Central Adelaide a better understanding of the wellbeing of our staff, who have had a challenging year.”

The de-identified data will be analysed by the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre research team and an overall snapshot of non-identifiable, aggregate data will be provided to CALHN.

The results will help inform Central Adelaide’s wellbeing framework and will help develop strategies that strengthen the physical and mental wellbeing of employees.

Central Adelaide will not receive information about any individual who has completed the survey.

Staff will receive a link to the survey via email from SAHMRI.